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For over a decade, our female customers have asked us to take on workplace sexism. Yet it's a topic far too complex to reduce to a simple poster or t-shirt. It deserves nothing less than a full-on interactive book! That's why we're planning to tackle the subject in style with our second Lose Your Own Adventure book, The Glass Ceiling.

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Our first book, the critically-acclaimed Who Killed John F. Kennedy?, cost $30,000 to create- largetly due to the high costs of illustrating the books in a style that perfectly recaptures the cheesy magic of the classic Choose Your Own Adventure books!

To help us accelerate the production, we're launching a Kickstarter for the book in November. And today, we're giving YOU a chance to help us shape the story!

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To be alerted when our Glass Ceiling Kickstarter begins, join our kick-off alert mailing list. Better yet, share YOUR stories of workplace harassment when you do. If we incorporate your story into the plot, you'll get an oversized, autographed version of the book for FREE!

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